Reflections of a Good Woman

On a Spiritual Journey to Create a Beautiful Life. ♡

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Not Everyone Wants to Be in a Relationship!

Not every woman wants to be in a relationship.  Some just want good company, a guy to vibe with, converse with & laugh with.  She’s not in a rush, start off simple, and let the rest find itself.  Having someone to talk to and feeling comfortable around them is quite beautiful, and it’s a good feeling! Reflection:  Although many women...

Day 21: Never Forget Who You Are!

Repeat:  I am…..A Daughter of the King, God-fearing, Steadfast in the love of Christ, Redeemed, Loved, Beautiful, Worth More than Rubies, More than make-up and clothes, Free, Worth it, Victorious, Joyful, Transformed, Dignified, and Favoured!  And you’re all of these things because God said it!  Can I get an Amen?!...